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Forward Psychology️ Consulting is your #1 provider of People-Centred Solutions for both Companies and Individuals in Mauritius. We are fully dedicated to addressing people matters at work and outside. Applying psychological principles to various aspects of professional and personal lives can help create a win-win situation for all.


Different Ways to Help People


Specialist Psychology Services for Companies and Individuals

Aptitude Assessment

Our aptitude assessments are tests designed to determine an individual’s ability to perform certain tasks or to learn certain skills. They are often used in educational, recruitment  and occupational contexts to evaluate potential for success in a particular activity or field.

Psychosocial Accompaniment

Our Psychosocial Accompaniment service is a compassionate and professional support system designed to assist individuals and their kin as they navigate the complex interplay of social and psychological challenges in their personal or professional lives. This service is tailored to those who may be experiencing emotional distress, social isolation, or are in the process of adjusting to significant life changes or traumatic situations.

Therapy & Counselling

Our therapy and counseling services can be provided in various formats:

  • Individual Sessions: One-on-one sessions between the therapist and the client.
  • Group Therapy: A therapist leads a group of clients who typically share similar issues.
  • Couples Therapy: Focuses on resolving issues within a romantic relationship and improving the well-being of both parties.
  • Family Therapy: Aims at improving family dynamics, bettering collective relationships and situations.

Critical Incident Response

Our Critical Incident Response as a service involves providing specialised expertise and resources to organisations or communities that experience critical and traumatic events. This service can address various types of incidents, such as unexpected death, acts of terrorism, industrial accidents, and workplace violence or harassment.

Personality Evaluation

Our Personality evaluation involves the use of various tools and techniques to assess an individual’s characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It aims to understand the unique traits and styles that define a person’s interactions with their environment and other people in terms of leadership and teamwork.

Psychological Coaching & Development

Our Psychological Coaching and Development service focuses on enhancing an individual’s psychological well-being, personal development, and overall performance. Unlike traditional therapy, which often addresses psychological disorders or emotional difficulties, psychological coaching is more oriented towards personal growth, achieving specific goals, and improving performance in various areas of life. This approach integrates principles from psychology, coaching, and human development.

Training & Learning

Our training programs and learning modules use psychology-backed techniques to foster a conducive environment for both personal and professional advancement. From burnout and emotional intelligence to leadership and retirement, all people-related topics can be explored.


Enhancing the Quality of your Life

Are you looking for a solution that's adapted to your situation?

Know your psychologist

Sarvesh B. Dosooye


‘Approachable, Non-judgmental, Transformative’ are not just words; these are the beliefs based on which Sarvesh Dosooye runs the entire practice. 

He has a series of qualifications and an educational and professional base. While this is crucial for his role, he believes you are the expert on your life. He is merely the tool that you will need to usher a dialogue within and find the best solution for yourself.

An experience of more than 11 years, and a strong believer in learning, development, and growth, he realises the importance of consistently keeping in touch with progressive techniques, industry developments, new ideas, and concepts. While consistently applying this sustained learning to his work, and promoting positive mental health, he also aims to share it with others.


13 October 2023

My journey through my 10 session package went by tremendously well. Over the weeks my anxiety came down and my motivation increased considerably. All our targets have been met and we even went beyond what we were aiming for in results. Sarvesh's counselling is really successful. There is some apprehension in attending a psychologist session but it is soon replaced by enthusiasm as progress is made.

11 July 2023

Hello Sarvesh, i wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the profound impact you had on my life since i first started therapy with you.You will remember how lost and overwhelmed i was by my circumstances but with you support and expertise you helped me find my way back to a place of self awareness, self acceptance and self care.. Ive learned the importance of prioritizing my own well being before extending care to others.. The progress i have made under your care has been life changing. I will always be grateful for your patience and non judgemental approach which have allowed me to explore myself in ways i never thought possible and for the insights you have shared with me. There is still a long way for me to fully apply and integrate these lessons. I may stumble along the way but with the understanding you have given me, my approach will now be with a sense of protection and as you said,there is never a mistake in life, only an opportunity for learning and growth. I feel sti scared and uncertain, but during those moments your guidance at the back of my mind and the self belief youve instilled in me provides me with the stregth and courage to confront the obstacles we have discussed. Thank you once again for your unwavering support and giving me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone and be on the path towards personal growth and fulfillment.

23 May 2023

Hello Sarvesh, I would like to thank you for your help during our sessions. You have helped me to be more independent, strong and think more concisely and clearly. I am more poised and happier now and I don’t have those negative toxic thoughts patterns. Moreover, you have given me useful advices to help me in decision making, how to deal with emotions, making choices and being accountable. I will keep putting these advices in practice to help me in my everyday life. Thank you!


Our practice is based on trust, understanding and maintaining clients' confidentiality. This means you can share anything openly and your case will not be discussed with any third party without your consent. There are exceptions when confidentiality codes may be broken in rare situations. We will explain it to you before you initiate a therapeutic process.

Counselors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists all provide treatment to individuals who need help with their mental health. They are all trained to diagnose and treat people with mental health conditions.

Typically, a psychologist will have a Master's or Doctorate degree and a Psychiatrist will have a Medical Degree. A counselor can follow a short-term training program then become a counselor. Psychiatrists prescribe medications for rapid, short-term results while psychologists with advanced training provide therapeutic interventions for medium to longer-term results. A counselor can offer short-term solutions.

All the providers must be licensed in their area of practice. Technically, Counseling is seen as more short term in nature while Psychotherapy is viewed as medium to longer term treatment. Counseling is used for life adjustment problems while Psychotherapy is used to treat psychiatric or psychological disorders.

Your first session will be about discussing the main complaints that bring you to see us. You will be assigned to the competent therapist who will be taking an in depth interview, which will allow us to understand your past and the current situations and how it has affected your life. This assessment will help us to develop a diagnosis and your treatment plan.

While selecting a psychologist, it is very important that you should feel comfortable with your mental health expert. We advise you to check the psychologist’s credentials, including both training and experience. During your first session with your therapist, it is very important that you should feel comfortable and connected to your therapist. Do not hesitate to raise any concerns or doubts you have in your first session. It’s the quality of your relationship between you and your therapist that will bring the positive outcome during sessions.

The length of treatment is not one size fits all. It depends upon several variables including the nature, severity, and duration of the presented complaints. Social support system also plays a key role in the progress of treatment. Therefore the duration varies depending on how the person responds to the treatment. Depending on the progress, a client and a therapist both decide on how long they further maintain their sessions.